Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brings a smile...

Of course, like everybody, I dig "Free Bird" and "Sweet home Alabama" by them, but there are some lesser known gems by the legends of Southern Rock:

The Last Rebel
by Lynyrd Skynyrd

There's a grey horse standin' still

As a soldier climbs in the saddle for one last ride

As the rain pours off his hat

You can see the shadows of the past written in his eyes

Now the cannons are silent

His friends are all gone

Gotta put it all behind him

If he ever wants to find his way home

He's the last rebel on the road

Just a boy with his old guitar

Keeps to himself but everybody takes him wrong

But he carries on

Got a dream that will never die

Can't change him, no use in stayin' where you don't belong

Now he's rollin' down the highway

Gone too far too fast

No one will ever find him, he'll never look back

'Cause he's the last rebel

And he's all alone

He's the last rebel

His friends are all gone

He's the last rebel

The last rebel on the road

There'll never be another like him

He's the last of a dying breed

Ain't no use in tryin' to tame him

'Cause he's the last rebel


rm said...

Gimme three steps

rm said...

is my favorite, so to speak. :P