Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Yesterday my request for a linux server has been rejected. Of course, I'm not giving up yet, but it surprises me how stupid people can be when it comes to change. They're bloody freakin' scared of Linux. How long do you need to sleep before competition has you for lunch? Hopeless.

They're buying some 6 servers for a stupid mail system! All 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD and RAID 5. Can you believe it? You can build a bloody super computer with that shit! You throw in openMosix/OpenSSI, you can run the damn tax calculations of the company for the whole year in less than 2 minutes on that kind of hardware. All those babies will be sitting there, transferring mail. Mail! Sigh. Will there be any end to people's stupidity????

And they're rejecting my request for a simple server for hosting my applications! All I wanted was a cheap system, with 1GB ram, 80GB HDD and a static IP. I would've run atleast 3 company-wide apps on that machine alone. Sigh. IDIOTS. I hope there is a separate hell for idiots and losers where they're tortured for coming in the way of people who can actually do something useful. Good Lord, I want to start my company so badly! Soon, you losers, soon you shall see the light. When Linux will steam-roll Windoze at server-side, and open source shall rule the software minions. RAGE! RAGE! RAGE against the stupidity!

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