Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mark Shuttleworth

Hi folks,

Some of you must be quite surprised by my previous outburst. Actually, that rage is always inside me. It keeps burning and burning - prodding me to make things better... So, I guess you understand the reason behind the title of this blog - iBurn... to improve, overcome and rise.

Just found this site of this awesome guy... Mark Shuttleworth. I didn't know very much about this guy until very recently (which is surprising, coz I think of myself as very informed about dot-com millionaires). This guy started Thawte Consulting, at one point a major provider of digital signatures for java applets (like providing a certifaction point that applications are secure, and the provider *is* who actually claims to be). He sold it to Veritas for around $600 million!

He went around to become one of the very first space tourists - on a old soviet-era sputnik, and also the first South African in space. Hmm... that's quite an achievement for a civilian. He also sponsors Ubuntu Linux and offers support for promising start-ups. He even gives away bounties for people working on promising technologies and which he is interested in. Wow. Check out this image on his homepage:

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