Friday, September 05, 2008

I made one....

In the spirit of making hard decisions, I made one today. I killed a pet project of mine. There is a chance that it might be revived, but it's quite remote. Yeah, probably in a related avatar, but it had to go. I apologize to all the people who have worked very hard on this. Also to people who are supposed to work on it, but by then I was having my doubts.

This is still quite hard, because this project has been going on and off for close to 2 years. Yes, it is still very dear to my heart. And there is a need for it. But to take this project to it's full potential, it would take a lot more of my involvement, and commitment in the form of time, money and other resources. Which, I unfortunately cannot afford to, right now.

Sure, I know I'm quitting on this project, which I don't tend to do very often, but this is just the beginning in a long series of changes that are coming. The last one year has taught me very important lessons. Though I can't call it a successful one, I learned so much. It is absolutely true; adversity teaches you much more than success does. And the last year pretty much ended up changing my life. Absolutely, for the better.

What have I learned from what some would call a "fiasco"? Do the very best thing you can do. Don't under-change yourself. If you don't feel at least a little bit scared, you're not living life fully. Even if you fail miserably, you will learn as much about yourself as about the thing you failed at.

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