Saturday, January 22, 2005

I lost a battle. But I shall be back!

Well, something wonderful happened to me. I got rejected by ThoughtWorks after being grilled for a whole day. I did the code, gave the phone interview and finally went to Bangalore for a real interview. Well, I screwed up the truly unusual test they conducted (though it's basically pretty simple). And, didn't do all that well in pair programming. There were two sets of interviewers, going deeper and deeper.

Well, I did my best, to say the least. Atleast, I didn't chicken out when it came to showing my mettle. If I'm not smart enough for them, I'm not smart enough. That's all. Well, setbacks are a way of life, so this doesn't faze me all that much. But the pain is there... I always thought I belonged in some place like Oracle and ThoughtWorks. I lost both.

Well, seems like I *have* to start my company. Let's find out for sure if I'm really that dumb or unfit for employment by a top-notch company. I believe I deserve it all. And I'll prove it, some day. Disappointments are nothing new to me, and I had my share of them. They make me stronger, I learn much more and move on. Life, here I come!

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