Sunday, December 12, 2004

BaTS: My next project [setup]

Hi folks,

Sorry I took so long to write anything new... I've been postponing my entry on LB2004 due to lack of time. Well, I have a new project to work on, so I'm setting up all the 'Best-Practices' stuff I can think of before I can get started. Here's the list:

1. Revision control : CVS (with commit automailer), obviously.
2. Database: PostgreSQL, it rocks, baby (with iBATIS for Sql maps).
3. App Server: Tomcat 5.0.28. No friggin' EJB for me, so no fatcat JBOSS either.
4. MVC: Struts (wow, it sure has a steep learning curve) with SiteMesh for View
5. IDE: Eclipse 3.0 (what else is there?) with JUnit & Ant integrated test/deploy.
6. Logging: Log4j.

All this, for what? A simple Batch Tracking System. But yes, big or small, you have to do it right. Well, I learn my ropes on this, and move on to bigger ones soon :) Oops, forgot - automatic documentation generation with javadoc - I have to take a look at how to do that.

Yeah, I have a lot more in mind - Spring, Hibernate, automatic build system with CruiseControl, etc - but that will come later. I can't take too much on my plate right now. Anyways, they represent the 'next level' of project management and implementation. In my next project, surely.

I have also discovered that Eclipse totally rocks. It took the manning book 'Eclipse in Action' to convince me on this thing. Manning books are just gems! I love 'em all!

P.S: If this entry falls in some java guru's eyes, please comment. Yeah, java newbies can ask some questions too, and I'll try my best to answer them!

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