Sunday, May 02, 2004

To the brink and back.

Well, what really happened? Well, my boss, Charan, pissed me off by offering only a 25% hike in salary while I was expecting a 50%, even 100% hike. I know I deserve it, but he just didn't seem to realize it.

I made up my mind, if he doesn't recognize me, then he hasn't got a clue how to run his business, and wanted to get out of there. But, for good or bad, two people, Markus & Mohan, knew that they're losing someone important - and they made their pitch to stop me. Yes, it worked - I'm staying until AMS gets out (my coming up project at Azri).

I have no regrets. But a tinge of regret that I disappointed/let down Stanka, who fought so hard for me. That is, I told her there is no way I can stay, that she can do nothing about it. But, that is true too. It took M&M to convince me to stay. Hadn't it been for them, I would've left. I almost made up my mind. And yes, when they promised things will change in 2 months, I had to keep my promise too: that I'll stay for 1 year. So, here I am, keeping my promise, and let's hope they keep theirs. :) Have a nice day!

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