Tuesday, May 04, 2004

To the Anonymous Reader

Ha ha.

    Good question. First of all, I'm getting that raise ;) I positively know that. Mostly in 2-3 months. If at all I get out, what do I do? Doesn't matter. If you have decided to give someone the finger, you should be ready to do it. And by God, I was ready. Well, fortunately I didn't have to do that. Finding a new job is not all that tough. I have enough savings to survive 2 months. In the mean time I would've found something. I don't know, But I was ready.

    Now for the good news. They asked me how long I was gonna stay, I said until AMS gets out. That is maybe Feb-Mar 2005.  Until then, I'm staying in Azri. "Then" Markus says, "AMS is your baby". After the new guys come, I'm guessing I'll have 2 of them under me and that makes me team leader by default. The formal announce ment will coincide with the raise, I'm guessing. Now, it's not about the money anymore. My baby AMS, has to succeed. That's all I care about ( and a little money doesn't hurt ;)

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