Friday, April 16, 2004

Disillusionment with Open-Source.

Yeah Well.

                There was a time, you know... when open-source was God to me. It could solve anything, bust M$, bring in the next revolution. Whatever.

                Though a bit late, I have seen the light now. Whatever your arguments maybe, now I don't believe in open-source anymore. Yes, it's beneficial in thousands of ways, and it's better than windows in gazillion ways.

                Here's what, buster. I don't care. Open source development is a royal pain in the arse, and I don't think you should rack your brains on searching for api to implement the damn feature. Gimme good documentation, for chirssakes.

                It don't f**$#Q feed me. All I get to do is maintenance and bug fixing, because guess what, the product you spent so much of time developing is 'commoditized'.  Go to this page:

                I'm shifting to closed-source. Very Soon. No doubts about that.

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