Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Apologize for frequent changes :)

Being the constant fiddler that I am, I wasn't too happy with the format of the blog, especially because more and more my posts are becoming like a tumblog. So I moved to tumblr, and then back to Posterous, and finally back to Blogger. Added to that, seems like Blogger has improved the layout options - applied a nice theme now, happy with it.

So basically I'm back to my original setup - all my 'clips' - random snaps and videos that I find on the web, will be on, and my regular blog will continue on Of course, just so you don't miss the fun, will be cross-posted here, so if you're subscribed to this blog, you shouldn't be missing anything at all :)

Well, see you soon then. I have some free time coming up, so expect a few more of my quirky occasional posts. Also, apologize for the sudden influx of posts that show up every time I move my blog to a different provider. I hope to stay with this setup for a while, so hopefully no more of that. Alright, have a good day, see you later :)

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