Friday, December 18, 2009

Thinking about Google

Obviously, like gazillion other geeks, I admire Google for its' technical prowess, not to mention it's huge pile of cash. But there are other companies who can boast of such piles of cash in the technology business, viz., Apple. But I think the business philosophies of both companies cannot be more different. But then, I think Google's business philosophy is radically different from a ton of it's technology peers.

I'm constantly reminded of this, never more clearly than in this case. Here's a piece of technology that probably has the potential to kill its main cash cow. And they are actually available on it's own browser. But the reaction is not to somehow disable or discourage those extensions, but to see where it goes. And to believe that "the market will sort itself out". That's remarkable restraint from a company whose main cash cow is threatened by so simple a piece of software.

More importantly, it tells us Google's heart is still at the right place, and I can't but admire how hard that is to achieve in such a big company. You cannot but think, bravo!

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