Sunday, April 12, 2009

A must watch - Waltz with Bashir (Vals Im Bashir)

I'm not exactly sure where I picked up this recommendation from - but what a movie. Reminded me of Persepolis for it's cartoon-based narration of a real-life story, only more poignant, with a more broader subject.
It's basically about an Israeli ex-soldier's quest to remember the events of a massacre in Lebanon he only remembers as a vision - and he starts meeting all the people he might have worked with, in order to rebuild the story and remember where he might have been. And he succeeds in it, and in one of the most powerful twists in narration I've ever seen - in the end, the illustrations turn real, showing the actual video footage of carnage and endless wailing of the spared, reminding us that all that story has happened, and it's real.
Wow. Just wow.

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