Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pakistan: The Tragedy

Perhaps this is a lesson for all our projects - those which are inspired by the wrong reasons always tend to fail. I still consider the partition a big mistake. No political ambition can justify the millions of people who died during that bloody period of our history. All for the sake of religion. Ridiculous. I'm no expert in Pakistan history, but the birth of Pakistan, in itself, was an act of political land-grabbing by Jinnah. He's a complicated guy who was thoroughly western in his lifestyle, but turned to Islam because it helps him found a new country. And things didn't go so well since then... the every present threat of Army, several coups, tacit support for terrorism, what not. And now, the country finds itself bitten by the same snake it helped grow.

What a tragedy. What a waste of life and potential. It only takes a few hard looks at the country to see how similar we are as a people. And yet, different destinies. Things have gone so bad, that people think it's pointless to have a stock market in that country. So sad. So sad. But then, I think of Germany, and hope still survives. If we can get over our automatic hate of all things Pak, perhaps, there is a chance that we can be one country again. As they say, it's never too late to do the right thing. Hope springs eternal.

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kryptos said...

Whether jinnah(one of the founding members of INC btw) did this for power or just portend tht posterity of Moslems wouldnt survive as a minority in a largely Hinduist state(which now seems justified given the minority offences) is up for debate. But this is how human civilization has been throughout history,the bloodshed during 1947 is ntn campared to serbia-mont;france-algeria and hundred other examples; and ur allusion to germany is way-off; East and west germany were just consequences of US and Russia separating power, not due to a difference among the people of Germany