Friday, October 10, 2008

Hmm. Would I be more scared if I'm richer?

I've been seeing all these headlines and blog posts... dangerous times... financial crisis... world is in turmoil... blah blah. And why exactly are people so scared of losing their money? I know, that's a ridiculous question, but it seems to me, the richer you are, the more scared you are about something happening to your fortune. I see this attitude among people who I consider reasonably smart and laid-back about their wealth. So you lose your shirt. You're on the street. So how hard is it really to pick yourself up and start again?

I've been lucky to have what I have now. But never for once, I take any of them for granted. Those are just things. If you set too much store by things, when they go, a big part of you will go away. As they say, failure teaches a lot to you. I've learned from it this much: never take anything for granted. Relationships, friends, money, your job, and all the toys. They can disappear tomorrow. The next question is, obviously, when it actually happens, do you like what you have left with you? What cannot be taken away from you? Can you laugh, shrug, and start again?

If you can, then you are lucky. You are one of the few people on this earth who learned to be really free. Me, I'm trying. Hopefully I'll get there soon enough.


kryptos said...

Nice post; finally something rational from you :P

Anonymous said...

broke aren't u???