Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good Riddance...

I've been too busy to blog about a delightful event over the last weekend. My enthusiasm is a little dampened because of the unfortunate bombings, though. I'm perplexed. I don't understand why people think religion is worth dying/killing for. Is that the only thing that identifies you? When people rise about such narrow definitions of themselves? I'm a Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Buddhist/Indian/Asian/ and what not. You're humans, morons. And nothing justifies spilling of innocent blood, no matter what group they belong to. Isn't this the most basic stuff? Why would it elude grown up people?

But I digress. This has been going on for centuries, I guess it will go on for a few more before people wise up. The delightful matter I was talking about, is the ouster of the Left Front from the govt. Of course, I no longer feel so strongly about politics - I've come to accept that democracy is never going to be efficient - the mere fact that a majority has to support everything; in itself is a very tough condition to meet. But for lack of better alternatives, I guess it is what we have to live with.

After being a pain in the a*se for the UPA govt. for so long, the commies are out. About friggin time. They have stonewalled so many business-friendly bills that it is exasperating. They might have single-handedly held back the country's development by close to 5 years. But I guess, the business community and the govt. itself fully realize that this is a golden time for financial reforms; the elections are coming up, so there is little to lose. Please, Dr. Singh, let the tiger loose. Pass as many financial reform bills as you can. Also, can you please allow full participation of private sector in the power generation and distribution, please. Having hours of powercuts in 21st centurly in the supposed back office of the world is a disgrace.

Hey commies, f_ck you very much for making our lives a little more miserable. May you rot in your self-corruption, and may your so-called party die a painful, irrelevant death. I'll dance around it's grave. Good riddance.

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manikanth said...

may be this is the first time I have seen so strong comments on your blog.
one doubt raised in my mind "even Russia(USSR) being socialist, they stand far ahead in development and our left parties are pulling our country back, why so?"