Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dasavatharam: Lamest over-hyped movie I've ever seen.

There is something definitely wrong with the TN movie-going folks. How can the same audience who make critically acclaimed movies like Paruthiveeran superhits and turn around and go ga-ga over such a total dud as Dasavatharam? God, this movie gave me a headache. Where do I start? The hopeless narcissism of Kamal, who has to act in every goddam role in the movie. Here's an idea, Kamal - get rid of the heroine next time - I'm sure you can assay that yourself quite well.

The make up. Jeez. How many times do we have to put up with the sad imitations of John Woo flicks? Not that the originals are great either, but come on... the make up looks cakey, horrible. The old woman played by Kamal looks more like a corpse that's been waken up. The story. Contrived as hell. I totally didn't get the politician role. Gawd. He talks so much. Don't even ask about the whole "NaCl" thing. Gag me with a spoon.

What's more ridiculous is that all the newspapers just keep sucking up to the movie. Not one trashed it. If I remember right, some writer for Hindu was impressed by the dialogue at the end - "Remember Hiroshima? - Remember Pearl Harbor"? I felt like running somewhere and hiding in a hole. Or somehow disappear from the hall. Next time, I'm not going to this kinda over-hyped movies unless somebody bets me big money that I can survive the whole experience without cringing. I doubt if I'll win though.

Verdict: Epic Fail.

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Arvind said...

True dude,the movie was a big hit but sometime wonder as how the hell happened..! The story is bad,the makeup for some characters are worst, your words suits the best.
I hope kamal takes more care on story than on spending spree, wasting time & romancing actress...!!