Monday, February 04, 2008

Yuck. TOI is Coming to Chennai.

I was at the OCC meetup yesterday at Woodlands Drive in, and I was surprised to see that they were distributing pamphlets of ToI. Looks like Times of India Chennai edition will be unveiled on 14th April (Tamil New Year?), and they are aggressively pushing for subscribers. Well well well. It's good because it keeps The Hindu on its' toes, and bad because I feel offended every time I read any of the Times Group newspapers. I thought Deccan Chronicle was bad, but ToI is worse.

It espouses yellow journalism of the bases kind, and all its' papers, including Economic Times, are only a little better than those British tabloids. Really. For example, yesterday the front page news in ET was that some internet games company is using insulting names for cell phone companies, which was sponsored by Reliance. Yawn. None of the companies apparently supposed to be offended, AirTel and Vodafone, didn't even respond.

Pray tell me, is some funny names given by a competitor-sponsored online game worth front page news? So I finally had enough, and switched to Business Line. At least they cover the business news soberly, without trying to "sex it up". Jesus. What do they take us for? Morons? Please, if you guys have any semblance of respect for your intelligence, stay away from the Times Group publications. Including that godawful TV channel they started, Zoom. Sheesh.


rm said...

Then there is too. :)

Prashanth said...


Vamsee said...

@rm - Damn - but why am I not surprised? :)

@prash - Heh. By which they mean, "let us fill your wee heads with junk, coz you don't know any better". Sigh.

chikoo said...

Yes blogger. You are right. Nothing compares the hindu in english and for important news coverage.ToI will need the quality of hindu to make any impact.

Vamsee said...

@chikoo - and that's never going to happen. And ToI is not even going to try. Instead, what they use is instead of rising to Hindu's standards, they will try to get the people's standards down so that they can take advantage of their basest instincts. Just like tabloids. Which is what makes me hate all of Times Group's publications. Disgusting.