Friday, January 18, 2008

Plight of the Indian Woman - Now, wake up!

Hmm. I see a lot of disturbing stories about how women are being treated in India. And it didn't start right, with one occuring right on the New Year's day. Sad, but true. As some people say, the attacks on women aren't increasing. From what I feel, they have always been there. We never heard of them - because our good ole DD is too meek to air such stuff.

Whatever you might say about new fangled, sensationalistic private tv news channels, one thing is true - they are hungry for news. It is a good thing - now, the Indian male is being shown a mirror - a very public one at that - and now, I hope the questioning has to begin at some point of time. Of course, it is also a clarion call for women to take a stand. After all, these girls will be tomorrow's wives and mothers. Raise your sons to be strong men. Raise your daughters to be even stronger :). If your husband or son indulges in something like this, be a woman enough to slap him hard.

What? You can't live without him? So you see where the real change begins? It should start with the women themselves. Of course, we men, as you girls are so fond of saying, are afraid of strong women. So girls, what are you waiting for? The country is all yours for changing.


Sridevi Aishwariya said...

vam... wat u cant live w/o a women in your life... look life is all abt strong men...

Vamsee said...

You make no sense, my dear.