Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Age of Turbulence" Rocks!

The more I read "The Age of Turbulence" by Alan Greenspan, the more I think it is Atlas Shrugged - Part 2. Seriously. The title of the book is the most brilliant head-fake ever. By choosing such a intriguing title, he made sure the lefties and commies won't slam it out of hand. They think, "wait. so the Capitalist dude is saying things are turbulent? Probably there is an admission of guilt somewhere. I must read it".

That is more brilliant that you can imagine. Of course, he acknowledges the social upheaval that unfettered capitalism brings - but he also clearly outlines the benefits derived by even the muted, screwed up versions of capitalism that is adopted by most countries - including USA. But the book, as far I have read it as yet, is the most subdued, but open tribute to capitalism. If you like Ayn Rand's works, you should read this. You will be amazed at the exceptional mind that is behind the work.

Wow. There is hope for this world yet. Right now, I can kinda guess what it feels to be one of those Randian characters who genuinely enjoys a moment of triumph. Collectivism, your ass is about to be whipped.

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