Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello from Blogspot!

Alright. What set it off was the simple annoyance that I can't embed javascript in my LiveJournal blog (for what else - my Twitter feed). The other reason might be I never really got the LJ religion - you're supposed to have tons of 'friends' on LJ that you can yap around with. But I did like it, but world is a-changing.

Widgets are becoming an important feature of the Web 2.0 enabled world (no, I don't gag at the term - I know it's good parts - it is what I do for a living :D) and not supporting is simply silly. Also, if you're ad-averse, this blog might annoy you a bit - it is chock-full of adsense, including the feeds. Don't stone me. I happen to share office with a startup that makes quite good amount of money through blogs, so why not me ;-).

I have been reticent about publicizing my blog - I would like to think of it as a story that I tell to myself and closest friends. I might not be so secretive about it from now on. I'm going to let a few more people in this time. Hopefully the FeedBurner chiclet would say something better than "0 subscribers" :D.

Alrighty, then. Please re-set your feeds. I am so sorry for doing this - I know it is such a pain to do it - if you're too lazy, you can continue to read this from my LJ feed - but c'mon, let Google gimme some ad money :D. I want to see how this monetization thingy works :)

So here goes my new home on the web: Subscribe now!

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