Thursday, March 24, 2005

Beware what you wish for.

Hmm... sometimes if feel the rage so bad, that I cannot but bristle all over. Sure, I got what I wanted. I have a boss who knows my worth. But, he overloads me with the work that I *don't* want to do, though I know I can do it. Basically, all this system administration stuff bores me to death.

Yeah, I need something, I'll set it up myself, and that's about it. Beyond it's use for my development/project planning, I don't take much interest in system administration, though I admit it can be very exciting. For me, coding is just a lot more exciting.

But there is a limit to what you want to do. Sometimes, I just want to get on with my work without being dragged into every damn thing that is to be done properly. Yes, give me something, I'll do it right... but let me concentrate on one thing. Focus is something I value, and if I lose it, I don't feel happy. If I don't feel happy, my work will suffer.

I'm already thinking of quitting this damn place. There's only so much of ass-saving you can do. If a place is doomed to be full of idiots, so be it. I don't wanna bide my time doing stupid things and that too, for goddamn peanuts! Gawd! I'm so mad!

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