Friday, October 22, 2004

A Big Fire!

Well, I gotta write about this... On a fine tuesday evening, Ma Foi Academy (tech is attached to this division, and we occupy the same building) server room burned down. The air conditioner blew out as the constant rains in chennai caused a water seepage into the a/c.

It was a ghastly sight. The whole room became black and the whole floor is filled with black soot and smoke. Whoever thought a damn airconditioner causes so much of distress. Luckily, all the servers survived, only some power fuses wenk kaput. All's well, in the end.

Well, sorry for moving my blog back to LiveJournal, I'm just testing out which is the best one to blog in. LiveJournal scores on Bloglines in two ways: I can blog from my gnome desktop using LogJam and people, that is you, can post comments on my blog. I will get it in a mail! Now that's cool.

I'm learning struts, and checking out this thing called Prevayler which supposedly makes all databases redundant. Hmm... heavy, man ;) But I think it only works in Java, so far.

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